Let’s Get Place Shaping

placeshaper shop brandingBusinesses, Town Centres, Brands or Places…

PlaceShaper works with you as a freelance business consultant and project management service specialising in the following areas:

  • Digital Marketing – Social media, website content management, writing blogs,  creating content, photography services to maximise your online presence.
  • Promotion and branding of businesses and Places – Town Centres + High Streets+ Events + Businesses
  • Town & City Centre management, Place Management of a centre
  • Town Team Partnerships – Action Plans  + Business Improvement Districts (BID’s)
  • Town Centre Regeneration Strategies + Mixed Use /Retail Developments
  • Guest Lectures /Seminars on Place Management or Digital Marketing for small businesses

PlaceShaper  has considerable experience of understanding what makes town centres and high streets work (or not work) and, how important effective town teams and partnerships are to build a firm foundation for success. PlaceShaper can support you with town centre consultancy, mentoring or training.

2020  has brought about unimaginable turmoil. The recovery of Town Centres and High Streets is a greater challenge than ever before. The growth of online shopping, which by necessity flourished during the Covid-19 lockdown, has brought seismic changes to the high street. Town centres that survive the fallout from the relentless shrinkage of physical retail are those have a diverse range of visitor and leisure attractions, modern workplaces and a reconfigured and varied retail experience, well connected by public transport and high quality pedestrian access.

Place Shaper can offer a professional, flexible service to a variety of clients including small businesses, local authorities, town centre developers,  town and city centre partnerships.

Marketing & Special Projects

PlaceShaper specialises in working with small businesses or places who need to ‘buy in’ affordable marketing, social media, PR or business strategy support  as an alternative to  employing a full time marketing manager. Sometimes it can be easier to outsource it to a specialist for a few hours /days a month.

As a Digital Marketing trainer and lecturer PlaceShaper can assist your business or place with digital marketing strategy expertise for business needs (including social media, digital marketing strategy , content  creation  and  website project management).

If you’ve got a project for Place Shaper get in touch.  e:lisa@place-shaper.co.uk

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