About Me

PlaceShaper launched in April 2011 after spending 14 years as a Town Centre Manager and various other marketing, PR, training  and business focused roles from the 90’s onwards.

”If you’re under  resourced or too busy running your own business and need to call in a ‘hands on’ specialist-  Whether it’s  digital marketing  (social media & website stuff), branding, content management, events, business planning, town teams or partnerships , I can act as an ‘advisor’ or specialist who is on hand to get involved in a project when you need me.”

Lisa is highly skilled as a Place Manager with over 25 years experience in town centres, retail developments, local markets, place & event management, business planning, public relations, communications, training and more recently digital marketing. As an MSc graduate in ‘Place Management’ (2010), Lisa also has the knowledge to qualify her experience when it comes to all things relating to towns and places (and Markets).

There is just me for now – but I can bring in creative, talented and like-minded people for your project – from web & graphic designers or event staff or collaborate with other Town Centre consultants to suit all budgets. PlaceShaper is super passionate about connecting clients with audiences and can help to  promote your business or place online.

Putting some love back into our High Streets is a challenge for us all & PlaceShaper is always looking for opportunities to help this cause with her recent experience working as the North West ‘Town Team Advisor’ for the ATCM (Association of Town and City Management), advising 60 Town Team Partnerships & 4 Portas Pilots in the North West. So armed with some ‘High Street’ love, Town Centre challenges are right up my ‘high’ street.

Social Media Management, Photography, Digital Marketing and growing your business online is one of PlaceShaper’s most popular services for small businesses . Knowing who is it you’re targeting and what marketing tools you currently have in place is the first step. From content creation, styling & blogs I can  help you develop an integrated social media & digital marketing strategy for your business and manage it for you for an agreed monthly rate. I can also provide you with all the imagery and photography you will need as part of my service as I’ve often got my Nikon in hand!

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From a base in Burnley, remotely, or from your place, PlaceShaper can work with you to meet your business needs & work to your budget. Hourly rates /Day rates are negotiated dependent upon the project and hours required.

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