Town Centres

The Association of Town & City Management was commissioned by Government (DCLG) to provide a 2 year support package for UK Town Team Partners and Portas Pilots from April 2013 – 31st March 2015.

The ATCM recruited a number of Regional ‘Town Team Advisors’ who have considerable experience and expertise in the areas of town centre partnership building, retail, event management, economic development, marketing, place making and a number of other disciplines.  Lisa Durkin of Placeshaper was selected as the ‘North West Advisor’ with c.60 Town Teams within the region as well as 4 Portas Pilots and was available to advise and mentor Town Teams & Portas Pilots to develop stable town centre partnerships and play a wider part in supporting the vibrancy and vitality of our town centres and high streets.

If you need Town Team /Town Centre Management or Business Improvement District  advice and support in your Town Centre get in touch.

Structural Challenges facing Town Centres – BBC News Feature – Nelson

Nelson Portas Pilot One year on featuring Lisa Durkin Town Advisor


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